What Drives Mirror?

Mission Statement

Āwhinatia ngā tamariki me ngā taiohi kia eke rātou ki te taumata o te māramatanga

Support & uplift children and young people so they can ascend to the pinnacle of Wisdom

What Drives Mirror?

The Paramountcy Principle

Mirror Services is committed to the welfare and best interests of children, young people and their whānau.

Aroha Ki Te Tamariki Trust affirms the following:


The Aroha Ki Te Tamariki Trust is committed to delivering services to any child or young person from the age of 0 to 22 years. This may be individual and/or whānau services. Where the services involve Māori the basis of the relationship shall be the Treaty of Waitangi.

Organisation Goals

  1. To provide accessible counselling services that offer children and young people opportunities for growth and development.
  2. To be pro-active in the education of children and young people to assist them to develop and maintain healthy life styles.
  3. To plan and develop effective and appropriate methods for service delivery to meet the current and changing needs of clients.
  4. To actively promote the development of co-ordinated services for children and young people within our communities.
  5. To maintain a sound financial base that meets the needs of the services delivered and the requirements of funding bodies.

Mirror Child Protection Services

Mirror Services Child Protection Policy (PDF)