What People Say

What People Say

Over the past twenty years that Aroha Ki Te Tamariki Trust has been providing Mental Health, Addiction & Counselling Services for children & young people there have been many evaluations and other opportunities for feedback.

Here are some other comments we have received:

From Children & Young People

"I felt like my thoughts and problems were responded to carefully and personally as opposed to doing the ‘text book’ way of dealing with my problems."
"The counsellor’s ability to relate to and respect what I was telling her was excellent."
"Counseling let me talk about things that have been going on at home."
"I am now getting on better with my mum a little better."
"Doing drawing and talking to the Counsellor was helpful."
"Thanks to the programme I am now connecting with my iwi."
"The work on grief about my mum and auntie was very helpful and made me understand more clearly about the situation."
"Ok so this has helped me cut down on drugs."
"What’s good is getting help with and not being afraid on my ADHD."

From whānau members

"Its including the whole whānau. Taking all the children to appointments at the same time. Taking into account the whole situation holistically. Giving advise/suggestions to me as a parent."
"Using pictures and games was amazing."
"I felt Mirror is a warm and understanding service and made us feel comfortable and made our son trust the person he was dealing with and relate to her."
"Counseling reassured me my child is coping well with our family issues."
"My daughter was taught how to recognise her down moods, what to do to help her get up and through it. Having an awesome counsellor who connected with her helped in a big way."
"My son turned his whole attitude around and grew remarkably as a person. I am wrapped with the service provided for both my children."

General comments

“My daughter always liked seeing her counsellor.”
“Greatly appreciate guidance daughter received, and opportunity we as parents had to participate.”
“Counselling has dramatically changed our family dynamics and the tension at home surrounding our teen is much more tolerable.”
“I got my daughter back.”